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Frequently Asked Questions

Should RNs that comes to the unit as a re-deployment and then return to the home ward at the end of the planned time be considered a resignation?
No, temporary re-deployment RNs that return to their home ward should not be considered a resignation.
I have Authorised access to the CCR registry yet am unable to submit the survey via the 'Review & Submit' tab. Can you please assist?
Please ensure that all mandatory fields (bed and admission data) have been entered and saved.
The survey has been completed but I cannot see the Submit button?
Only users with Authorised access to the CCR registry are able to submit the survey via the 'Review & Submit' tab.

The Users For Your Unit(s) report outlines registered staff members and permissions. User access can be managed by the Site Administrator(s) via the User Management Tool.
Should I report coronary care unit beds under 'Other ICU'?
No, please exclude coronary care beds. 'Other ICU' refes to dedicated cardiac surgery, neurological ICU, separate critical care units excluding coronary care.
Why do the number of admissions reported not match the data submitted to the APD and/or ANZPIC registries?
Please ensure:
1. Coronary care, procedure only and ward-type patients are excluded from total admissions reported.
2. All admissions have been entered into COMET/CIS and submitted to the APD and/or ANZPIC registries.
3. Admissions reported are for the correct financial year e.g. 2023 CCR Survey includes admissions from 01/07/2022-30/06/2023.

If there is an explanation for the disparity, please include in the comments box. 
Undivided admissions - what does that mean?
Undivided admissions refers to admissions to ICU where you cannot classify them as either planned or unplanned (emergency). For example if the information is unavailable.
How do I change answers in submitted surveys?
Once a survey is submitted it is locked to changes. To request changes please contact the CCR Administrator on or +61 (3) 9340 3424
I am unable to separate elective and emergency admission data, what should I do?
If you are unable to enter the breakdown of elective and emergency admissions, please leave those fields blank and enter the combined value in the total 'undivided' field. Please do not enter zeros unless the answer is actually zero.
Beds are multipurpose – what figures should be entered in bed numbers?
If you have ICU/HDU beds that are multi-purpose, please try and enter the number of beds used for each purpose on average over the financial year.
A patient has not yet been discharged, what do I enter for discharge destination?
Please enter these patients under “Unknown/Missing”
What is classed as a bed for ‘Number of Hospital Beds’?
The definition provided is: 

“Average available beds (A bed refers to an acute medical/surgical or overnight stay bed, includes both Adult and Paediatric) at the main hospital campus only”. 

Your hospital will have a number that they report to other bodies that reflects their bed numbers. 

An available bed is “a suitably located and equipped bed chair, trolley or cot where the necessary financial and human resources are provided for admitted patient care”. 

Includes beds available for overnight care, acute inpatient mental health beds, short stay, and ED observation ward. 

Excludes beds available for other mental health, same-day patients, rehabilitation, HITH, maternity and neonatal cots, and ED.
Which patients are included under “Hospital Separation”?
The definition provided is: 

“A hospital separation is the process by which an admitted patient completes an episode of care (when an inpatient leaves a hospital through discharge, transfer or death) from the main hospital campus only”.

Includes patients admitted overnight to a short stay unit, ED patients admitted overnight to an ED observation ward, and acute inpatient mental health. 

Excludes day-cases, maternity and neonatal admissions, psychiatric admissions, admissions to a rehab facility, HITH and ED presentations not admitted to hospital.
What does Quartile and Median Mean?

Quartiles are the values that separate a list of values into 4 quarters when ranked from smallest to largest:

  • The first quartile is the upper limit of the lowest quarter (or 25%) of values
  • The second quartile, also called the median, is the middle value (50%)
  • The third quartile is the upper limit of the lowest 75% of values (or lower limit of the highest 25% of values)
  • The range between the first and third quartile, covering the middle 50% of values, is often called the interquartile range.

Median and quartiles are used to demonstrate the spread of data without skewing by extreme high or low values.